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Just write the news you want to publish for one time, then press the Save button, and let the rest for the Massejli system to work smoothly. the news will be published on your site, via the mobile application (android and iPhone) and where ever your followers are, whether on twitter, facebook, youtube, telegram or whatsapp

Fully Responsive Design

Quickly messages delivery

Did you think that spreading the news across the world take more than 60 seconds to reach your recent follower? if so, Of course, you were wrong! Massejli delivers super fast access to news and publishes data across all social media networks with ultimate speed, try it now.

Easy to Customizable

Built-in with your system

Massejli works with an integrated system for every client's site, without being separate from it. depending on a single control panel you can manage your site including the member's permissions, creating new pages, managing the media galleries and of course publishing news.

Cross Browser Support

Easy to use

Whether you have a small team, or you are managing your own site, or even if you are managing international news network, Massejli affords a very comprehensive service with no complexities in publishing and tasks' distribution while it needs none of the technical knowledge.

Connect with your audience wherever they are!

In the pre-Internet era, sites used to attract visitors through huge daily expenditure on print ads or through focusing radio and television
Now, successful sites go where potential followers are.
We currently offer publishing and broadcasting services through the following networks:






Of course we support smart phone applications on both, android and iPhone systems. The design of our site is a friend of mobile phones because most of the followers are audiences of the phones these days.
you can contact us if you did not find at our service your preferable network, we will add it right away

Integrated publishing system compatible with various devices and monitors

Followers and potential clients use multiple operating systems and different screen sizes, all those are supported by our applications to make it easy for your visitor to view the targeted site

مسجلي  massejli

Screen shots from the programs and applications as they work

Here are screenshots of a news story being sent from one place, showing how it is spread across the news network and all social media networks.


the news publishing can be done from more than one place


publishing the news is via the website and the smart application


publishing the news or ads via WhatsApp messenger


Posting the news on Facebook


Posting the news on Twitter


Posting the news video on Youtube

We offer the best to accomplish the best deal

We have made it easy for you to search for the best price in the market because we have searched in advance, below you will find the best price for the best service you may find at all

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Monthly Offer

starting from 40$ monthly
Setup Fee 100$
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Notice: If you want to move from one plan to another, contact the administrator to recalculate the price and change the setup.